Oh So Chic Rose Gold, Green and Grey

21st January 2018

Copper, rose gold, whatever your preference in calling it, it’s everywhere – and that’s because it’s beautiful. It’s warmer than silver and not as glitzy as gold and goes pretty much with every colour. Big trends are partnering it with navy or black but I did the opposite and I partnered it with dove grey…

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A Taylor Made Styling Shoot

31st December 2017

On Sunday 29th October I took myself and my assistant for the day, my wonderful mum, to the beautiful Manor Farm Barn. I needed a rustic venue in an idyllic location for the styling shoot I had planned for the website and Google provided me with the perfect place. In the quintessential village of Marsh…

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26th October 2017

Welcome to My Taylor Made Wedding and thanks for stopping by. This is the first ever blog on the website and also the first blog I’ve ever written. Apologies but this blog is going to be a little self-indulgent as it’s going to be about me, Michelle Taylor, the owner, stylist and wedding decorator at…

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